Organic Spices Storage and Shelf Life: Keeping your Flavors Fresh

Organic Spices Storage

Organic spices have become an integral part of every kitchen, and no dish is complete without them. Organic spices’ mesmerizing and cherishing flavor is unforgettable and can bring life to even the dullest dishes. Everyone wants to keep their organic spices intact and ensure their flavor and taste never weakens. Even though spices have a pretty long shelf life, if you show carelessness or are unaware of how to safeguard them, they can get spoiled quite early.

Spices are everyone’s best friend in the kitchen, especially if you have organic spices that are also good for your health. Some people are so passionate that they only get them from the best organic spice manufacturers, and if they can’t take care of the spices, they will start to lose flavor. So, let’s know the best ways to increase the shelf life of organic spices and preserve their flavors for a long time.


If you don’t want your organic spices to lose flavor and become bland, keep them in a dark place. You can have a dedicated cupboard to store your spices away from direct sunlight. Sunlight or artificial solid light can lead to a quick loss of flavor in spices. Photo degradation in the elements of spices leads to the degradation of spices in the short term. You should also use dark-colored containers not to allow the light to pass through the containers. Don’t go for translucent or clear containers to keep the spices, as the light will easily pass through the container and hamper the spices.

Airtight Containers

Buying airtight containers can be one of your best investments in the kitchen as the containers have multiple use cases, a significant being for storing spices. Moisture and air are the biggest enemies of spices, and they can quickly spoil your spices because they will lead to the oxidation of spices. If moisture catches the organic spices, you might have to throw them away earlier than you thought. Airtight containers prevent air and moisture from entering the container, ensuring the spices are safe. You can use mason jars, metal tins, or dedicated airtight spice containers to safeguard your spices.

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Cool Temperature

Spices are best preserved in a cool environment because it is scientifically proven that keeping spices at more than 68F or at 60% relative humidity will, over time, make the spices stale. Most people habitually keep spices near the stove so that they can easily throw spices in the utensil, but in the long run, it will take away all the flavor from organic spices.

Dry Environment 

Humidity can easily ruin the taste and flavor of the organic spices, so keep the spices in an area with low humidity. At any chance, never keep the spices close to the sink or dishwasher because if water finds a way to the spices, then you will have to say goodbye to all the natural goodness and taste of the spices.

No kitchen is complete without spices, but you need to preserve your organic spices to keep making delicious food. By following the above tips, you can increase the shelf life of spices. Another great idea will be to keep small amounts of spice at home because if you have a large quantity of spice, you will have to take more precautions, and if the spices get spoiled, you will have to bear a higher loss.

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