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About Darjuv9

Darjuv9’s journey began with two super innovative thinkers and energetic gentlemen- Mr Sanjeev Hooda and Mr Jitender Dagar – they have with their collective wisdom made a profound transformation towards a healthier everyday life of millions of people. Revolutionizing across numerous categories, the health and wellness industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Darjuv9?

Today there is an unprecedented global demand for Ayurvedic, Organic Spices, Natural Cosmetics, and Nutraceutical products – people are increasingly becoming aware of the harmful effects of sustained use of chemical- based products. With Darjuv9’s belief in unifying age-old Indian traditional wisdom with modern-day science, our highly qualified experts have made phenomenal advancements towards creating a healthier world with its high-quality range of products. This, coupled with our affordable prices, makes Darjuv9 an unmatchable choice for consumers looking to make healthier choices when it comes to sports nutrients, nutraceuticals, organic spices or quality FMCG products.

We at Darjuv9 believe in encouraging a holistic natural approach towards life, which can help create a healthy and sustainable society.

Our products are made using organic produce, with zero chemicals and preservatives. A group of leading biologists and herbalists also rigorously tested the products. This balance of premium quality and affordable prices has made Darjuv9 a household name in the country in a shorter period.

The company is also against animal cruelty and never tested any of its products on animals. We are also investing in becoming a carbon-neutral company.

Yes, now it will be available globally as we are looking forward to expanding our business horizon.

Believing in the age-old Indian traditional wisdom and unifying it with modern-day science, Darjuv9 manufactures and distributes a wide range of products which include FMCG, Sports nutrients, nutraceutical products and organic spices.

Regarding products and business opportunities, we at Darjuv9 always promise to provide satisfaction and 100% protection.

Organic products are produced in a more socially and environmentally responsible approach, with minimum exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals. Therefore. it ensures less public health risk and leads to a healthy and sustainable future. Darjuv9 always aims to render the right kind of products for the betterment of society and build a sustainable and rewarding environment. The company focuses on promoting the heritage of India along with elevated health and becoming the most prominent natural and ayurvedic product Manufacturer & Exporter in India with its chemical-free range of products.

The holistic approach of ayurveda aims to restore health by understanding the underlying causes of diseases. It strives to attack the root causes and detoxifies, cleanses, strengthens body tissues (dhatus) and by balancing bodily doshas, ensures a complete cure. Darjuv9 aims to deliver products that would reinstate everyone’s belief in nature and its rejuvenating powers that help to restore the body’s equilibrium.

Our natural and organic products are tested by a group of leading biologists and herbalists and are safe to use. And all our products are lab tested and certified.