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Darjuv9 Exports – Top Natural Cosmetic Products Manufacturer and Exporter in India

There’s no shortage of cosmetic products in the market. These days, people can easily find a hair mask, face wash, and other skincare and cosmetic products for their usage. But, most of the products available in the market are made using chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates, which can be very harmful to your health in the long run. Some brands label their products as natural or Ayurvedic but still contain some chemicals and preservatives.

The conventional cosmetic products may be ineffective, cause side effects, and harm the skin. Due to these reasons, people nowadays look for natural cosmetics that are safe for the skin and manufactured by authentic companies.

Darjuv9 Exports is natural cosmetic products manufacturer and exporter in India, offering 100% all-natural cosmetic products at reasonable prices. At Darjuv9 Exports, we create natural cosmetics using herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts. Other cosmetic products are very harsh on the skin and, over time, can cause skin problems. But using natural cosmetic products, such as ours, will only benefit overall skin health, as our products are gentle and very effective.

Darjuv9 Exports is one of the big names among the top natural cosmetic products exporter in India. It’s a certified and authentic natural cosmetic manufacturer that offers genuine products to its customer base. Every natural cosmetic product in our catalog is manufactured before thoroughly researching the ingredients. The product is developed in a clean, well-maintained, certified lab. We at Darjuv9 Exports provide only the top quality natural cosmetic products that will work wonders for a consumer.

Newly launched natural cosmetic products at Darjuv9 Exports
Darjuv9 Exports, the top natural cosmetic products exporter in India, offers an extensive collection of natural, skin-friendly cosmetics completely free from parabens. Listed below are some of our newly launched products that are quality-tested.

Herbs and Hills Antiseptic Cream – Our premium quality Herbs and Hills antiseptic cream is effective in treating cuts, scratches, wounds, and other skin issues. It’s got the goodness of tea tree, turmeric, aloe vera, and other herbs, making it a top natural skin care product for daily use.

All Plant Daily Repair Shampoo – The market today is brimming with numerous brands of shampoos that promise people lustrous, smooth, and silky hair. But, these shampoos contain parabens and sulfate, which can damage the hair in the long run. Darjuv9 Exports offers its All Plant Daily Repair Shampoo, manufactured with only the tested herbal ingredients that promote soft and bouncy hair.

Herbs & Hills Anti Blemish Cream – Blemishes are one of the common problems related to skin. As the leading natural cosmetic products exporter in India, we have added a completely natural and chemical-free Herbs & Hills Anti Blemish Cream. It’s oil-free, super light on the skin, and can treat discoloration, refine skin tone, and help achieve clear and glowing skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and enriched with lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, and other natural ingredients.

Honey Kesar Herbal Body Cleanser – Our Herbs & Hills Honey Kesar Herbal Body Cleanser is super gentle on the skin. It’s got numerous natural ingredients that help in providing hydration and radiance to the skin. The body cleanser also has antibacterial properties that help exfoliate and kill germs.

Herbs & Hills Natural Hand Wash - Most hand washes available in the market contain many harmful chemicals and are harsh on the skin. Darjuv9 Exports, the natural cosmetic products manufacturer and exporter in India, offers premium quality and all-natural hand wash that’s soft on the skin and tough on germs. Enriched with aloe vera, tea tree, and other natural ingredients, provides complete protection against germs while keeping the hands soft.

Why Darjuv9 Exports is the top Natural Cosmetic Products Manufacturer and Exporter in India?
Darjuv Exports is a well-known company that manufacturers and exports premium quality natural cosmetic products in India. Listed below are some of reasons why you can choose us for natural cosmetic products:

Wide range of products
At Darjuv9 Exports, we aim to offer our customers a wide range of natural cosmetics. Here you will find essential products for both skin and hair, such as daily shampoos, herbal face washes, gentle skin cleansers, hair masks, moisturizers, and more.

All natural ingredients
As a renowned natural cosmetic products manufacturer and exporter in India, we assure you that all the products available in our catalog are completely free from harsh chemicals and additives harmful to skin and hair. We only use all-natural ingredients, such as herbs, plant extracts, essential oils, etc., to create premium quality natural cosmetics. As our products have got the goodness of natural ingredients, these are more effective and gentle on the skin.

GMP Certified
Darjuv9 Exports can manufacture high-quality natural cosmetic products in a GMP-certified lab, where a strict protocol is followed to ensure that the products produced meet the quality standards that regulatory agencies require. The labs also contain the appropriate and advanced equipment to research and produce natural cosmetic products of high standards.

Regular quality checks
Being the best natural cosmetic products exporter in India, we make sure that our products are of high quality. Before selling any product, our team of expert herbalists and biologists conducts quality testing. Through systematic checking, they ensure whether the natural cosmetic product is safe to use.

Helpful customer care
We want our customers to have an excellent experience with us. Hence we ensure that all their issues or queries are addressed by our responsive customer care team. You can easily reach out to us via a call, email, or by sending us a message on the Contact Us page. Our customer support will provide you with quick solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are the natural cosmetic products on Darjuv9 Exports free from parabens and chemicals?
Darjuv9 Exports, one of the top natural cosmetic products exporters in India, offers 100% natural products to its customers. All the products are manufactured using herbs and natural ingredients such as lavender, aloe vera, honey, etc. The products are completely safe to use as these are nature-based and hence also contain no parabens or harmful chemicals.

2. What are the top-selling natural cosmetic products at Darjuv9 Exports?
Some of the best-selling products at Darjuv9 Exports include the Herbs & Hills Anti Blemish Cream, Revitalizing Night Cream, Papaya Complexion Bar, Tea Tree Germ Protection Soap, and more.

3. Is Darjuv9 Exports a natural cosmetic products manufacturer and exporter in India?
Yes, Darjuv9 Exports is an authentic, genuine, and certified company offering premium quality natural cosmetic products. All their products are manufactured under a GMP and ISO-certified facility.

4. Are Darjuv9 Exports natural cosmetic products cruelty-free?
Yes. At Darjuv9 Exports, we offer extensive products manufactured using only natural herbs and plant extracts. We are a cruelty-free company that does not test any of our products on animals.

5. How to place orders for natural cosmetic products at Darjuv9 Exports?

Click on the Enquire Now link to contact us and place your orders. You can also select the product and fill out the form to place orders.

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